Antigua and Barbuda vs. Dominican Republic

Final result: 1:2

End of Second Half
90. min 1:2 Dominican Republic Jonathan Faña Frias scored a goal!
82. min 1:1 Dominican Republic Carlos Julio Martínez replaces Kerbi Rodríguez
74. min 1:1 Dominican Republic César García scored a goal!
71. min 1:0 Dominican Republic Javier Santana replaces Domingo Peralta
67. min 1:0 Dominican Republic Erick Ozuna replaces Pedro Antonio Núñez
61. min 1:0 Antigua and Barbuda Luke Blakely replaces Kimoi Alexander
52. min 1:0 Antigua and Barbuda Stefan Smith replaces Gason Gregory
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
30. min 1:0 Antigua and Barbuda Peter Byers was cautioned with a yellow card.
17. min 1:0 Antigua and Barbuda Peter Byers scored a goal!
Begin of First Half

Antigua and Barbuda Antigua/Barbuda Football Association

Dominican Republic Federación Dominicana de Fútbol

Antigua Recreation Ground

  • Opened: 1978
  • Capacity: -
  • Capacity intl.: 12000
  • Owner: -
  • City: St. John's
  • Country: Antigua and Barbuda