Togo vs. Comoros

Final result: 2:0

End of Second Half
93. min 2:0 Togo Elom Nya-Vedji scored a goal (assist by Ihlas Bebou)!
79. min 1:0 Togo Kodjo Sewonou replaces Peniel Mlapa
76. min 1:0 Comoros Mohamed M'Changama replaces Chaker Alhadhur
73. min 1:0 Togo Serge Séko replaces Kodjo Fo Doh Laba
66. min 1:0 Togo Djené Dakonam was cautioned with a yellow card.
63. min 1:0 Comoros Omar M'Dahoma replaces Nasser Chamed
63. min 1:0 Comoros Abdallah Ali Mohamed replaces Salim Mramboini
59. min 1:0 Comoros Chaker Alhadhur missed a penalty
52. min 1:0 Comoros Mohamed Youssouf replaces Camal Youssoufa
48. min 1:0 Togo Yaovi Joseph Douhadji was cautioned with a yellow card.
46. min 1:0 Comoros Kassim M'Dahoma replaces Youssouf Ahamadi
46. min 1:0 Togo Franck Mawuena replaces Komlan Agbégniadan
46. min 1:0 Togo Guillaume Yenoussi replaces Maklibè Kouloun
Begin of Second Half
End of First Half
37. min 1:0 Togo Kodjo Fo Doh Laba scored a goal!
Begin of First Half
End of Unknown Half
0. min 0:0 Togo Elom Nya-Vedji is substituted.
Begin of First Half

Togo Fédération Togolaise de Football

Comoros Fédération Comorienne de Football

Stade Paul Le Cesne

  • Opened: -
  • Capacity: 1900
  • Capacity intl.: 1900
  • Owner: -
  • City: Marseille
  • Country: France